Thursday, March 24, 2011

Injury to radio, 1945

I'm sure you people have wondered why I don't post more-relevant stuff about OTR?  I post a lot about stuff few have ever heard of.

You think that's my evil plan?  Well, it's not. I'd love to post about The Six Shooter but do you know you can go to Google News and find there are no free articles on The Six Shooter.  Same goes for something like Our Miss Brooks, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, Life With Luigi, etc.

As far as magazines go, there is plenty of information in those, if you can find the magazine.

As a researcher, I can't tell you how much fun it is to find information about radio in magazines and newspapers in the years 1945-1960, because frankly, there is very little.

Yes you can still find a radio schedule in the newspaper at that time and maybe a little blurb about radio but then focus switched from radio to television in 1945.

Recall how much trouble I had with my Billboard Reviews (still not done.)  I'm still amazed that radio would take such a sudden turn for the worse.

The very first video on MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star and it's no wonder.  Because video not only killed the radio star, it killed 90-95% of the stories dealing with radio.

The day is quickly approaching when there will be no more magazine or newspaper articles to post.  The photos will have dried up and you'll be stuck with me (and hopefully a few special guests every week) spouting off our two cents about old-time radio.

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  1. It is like what I said in my interview with you, Jimbo. When TV came to the front, I along with my friends switched very quickly to TV. It was visual. As I said in the interview, now I know what I missed. A lot of very good radio shows. I never knew that a show like the Six Shooter existed. Technology moved us along. Or did it?

  2. It's funny you say that... as while looking at video for Video Killed the Radio Star, I found one live cover done by a band called, Raining Jane and at the end of the song, they change the words - one line is "texting killed conversation." (Something I still do not understand is texting when it's so much easier to call someone up.)

    Come along one day, something will replace personality...


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