Friday, March 25, 2011

Crime Photographer


  1. Jimbo, my wife keeps telling me how she loves the new look of your blog. So, feel good about that.

  2. Please tell the wife I said "thank you." :)

  3. Yes I will. Also, the timing for this article was great. Yesterday my wife and I were discussing Casey, Crime Photographer and we could not come up with Cotsworth's first name. We knew it was something not all that common. Then here it was and it settled our debate. Timing is everything.

  4. I agree that "Staats" is a very unusual name - I have never seen it anywhere but as his moniker.

    Definition: A Dutch nickname for the given names Eustace or Eustatius, derived from the Greek eustakhios, meaning "good grapes, or fruitful."


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