Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ditzy! My Friend Irma

Rare John Brown photo (right)


  1. I have read Marie Wilson was very smart and this is another story on that. Also, enjoyed seeing John Brown again. I recognized him right away looking at that shot. Six months ago I would have had no idea.

  2. Hey I couldn't have spotted him in a crowd either until I began the blog (Dec. 7th of last year.)

    Brown has a distinctive nose, a little like Hawk Harrelson (White Sox announcer), if you know who he is (or it so appears.)

  3. Living in the Chicago area, yes, I know Hawk. My wife can not stand him, but, she hates the Whitesox. "Grab some bench!"

    I remember him as a member of the Boston Redsox.


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