Saturday, March 26, 2011

First advertisement for Superman radio series

Just found this; I'm giddy...

This advertisement is from November 9th, 1939. Kellogg's Pep did not become the sponsor until Jaunary 1940.


  1. I am amazed at the different brands of bread that were advertised on otr. I know Red Ryder also did and it was another brand I never heard before.

  2. I t appears as though the show was sustaining until it found a national sponsor, which it did in January of 1940 - Kellogg's Pep. The ad above in from November 10, 1939.

  3. Red Ryder was primarily heard on the West Coast through the Don Lee Mutual network. Lagendorf Bread was a regional bakery. The Lone Ranger was heard on Mutual in the East, sponsored by Silvercup Bread. As the networks grew and more stations were added, national brands like General Mills took over.


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