Friday, March 11, 2011

Exclusive! Hoosier Hot Shots - When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain

Exclusive only to the the OTR Buffet - I present another Hoosier Hot Shots song, "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain" (or at least, I think that's the name of this one!)

So far, I like this piece the best of the others I have presented.

First, here's a sample of the song:

And feel free to download the whole thing here.

©Jimbo 2010/2011


  1. Oh, I wish my grandma or grandpa were alive. I would ask them about this group. I am sure they heard them. Can't ask my mom either. Shame.

  2. I asked a neighbor feller (he's actually older than you, BB, if he knew he they were and he said he did not.

    My neighbor is actually a former musician/songwriter who made a lot of recordings in the 50's doing what I would call, "Hillbilly" music, which is probably quite similar to the Hot Shots, who were on Barn Dance.

    I heard (by complete coincidence) a Lum and Abner episode yesterday where Lum got an invitation in the mail to a National Barn Dance function.

    He and Abner proceeded to talk about Pat Buttram (Mr. Haney on TV's Green Acres) ad nauseum (also a member of NBD show) - and I was expecting them to talk about the Hoosier Hot Shots too but they disappointed me by moving on to another conversation.


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