Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One last batch of Suspense favorites

Peanut Brittle 8-18-57
In jail, items such as candy (or in this case, peanut brittle) are better than cash.  A new prisoner gets played for a sucker.  Can he pay up (in peanut brittle?)  Excellent episode co-stars John Dehner.

Love, Honor or Murder 8-9-55
A lesson learned: if you're honest, drive a taxi and find $12,000 - don't tell your wife about it.

Rain Tonight 6-29-58
Interesting story written by a former San Quentin prisoner about a prisoner who uses a patsy and the prison chaplain to try and escape.

Elementals 6-12-60
Interesting-yet-depressing story about hunger, the human will and all sorts of psychology. 

The Man Who Murders People 11-13-60
I love stories that involve trains.  Here's a good one: a woman on a train is afraid of a man known as "The Roseville Killer."  Well done.

Alibi 7-7-57
A man decides he wants his business partner out of the way. After a hit man is hired, things start to go wrong.

Double Identity 8-8-56
There is a danger involved in stealing from work - running into your boss while you make your escape!  Excellent tale, well done.

A Good Neighbor 3-31-57
A man finds it's a hard life as a thief when you have a nice, gentle but way-too-helpful neighbor lady next door.  As much tongue-in-cheek as it is suspenseful.  Lots of fun.

Fragile: Contents Death 2-1-51
Nice gripper about a bomb in the mail room of a post office.

Hitch-Hike Poker 1-16-48
Gregory Peck gets a ride from a friendly guy who goes all psycho on him.  Bizarre episode.

The Big Heist 12-1-52
A man gets talked into being part of a bank robbery but the gang made a mistake in giving him a gun.

227 Minutes of Hate 2-25-57
Fine drama about a cop (Charles McGraw) trying to stop a man who steals an airplane and plans on crashing it into the place that fired him.

The Operation 1-27-55
A robber gets confused for a doctor and must operate on a guy.  Good stuff!
Weekend Special: Death  5-24-54
Agnes Moorehead stars as a secretary stuck in a grocery store; what's worse is that 2 burglars show up!  The first half of this episode is terrific...

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