Sunday, July 31, 2011

A dozen more of my favorite Suspense episodes

Add these to your list of Suspense episodes not to miss!

Nightmare 9-1-49
I've never really thought much about Gregory Peck's acting ability. He stars in this fantastic story - one you don't want to miss. A child is run over by a hit and run driver and the father of the boy wants revenge.

Nobody Ever Quits 3-8-55
An ex-criminal from back East has made a new life for himself and his expecting wife. Life is good until his ex-boss shows up. One of the best endings for a Suspense episode ever and perhaps the best Suspense episode after 1953.

The Giant of Thermopylae 5-3-54
Interesting story about a man who seeks revenge for a brawl the night before and finds himself fighting a giant and perhaps accused of murder to boot.

Dead Ernest 8-8-46
A man with a very rare medical condition dies. Or maybe not. An excellent story - very well done.

Smiley 8-17-47
A strange, feebleminded but pleasant fellow is wrongly accused of harming a girl and he goes to prison for it.; after he gets out, he hates women.

Chicken Feed 9-8-49
A man is a need of a nickel. A very exciting tale starring Ray Milland, one of my favorite actors.

The Man Who Couldn't Lose 12-12-47
A man who commits murder suddenly finds himself to be the luckiest man in the world - will it last?

Three O'Clock 12-12-56
A man seeks revenge for his wife cheating on him, so he sets a bomb in the house - sounds like a great plan until he gets trapped there himself!

Lunch Kit 6-9-49
Similar to the story above - a worker plans on blowing up a factory but upon trying to leave, he keeps getting delayed. Gripping.

Mission Completed 12-1-49
Jimmy Stewart stars as a paralyzed veteran who lies in bed trying to find a way to exact revenge on his former Japanese captor. This is radio at it's finest!

Rave Notice 10-12-50
Milton Berle proves he can act. On Broadway, he's replaced and he kills the show's director and then must act insane in order not to get the electric chair.

The Crowd 9-21-50
A killer strikes then taunts the police. Dana Andrews plays a police chief who tries to stop him.

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