Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: Father Knows Best

When I was a kid, Father Knows Best was one of my favorite televison shows.  The show was originally run in the 1950's but I didn't see it until the 1970's.

In the late 1980's, there was something of a revival of the television show and I won some kind of contest related to the show, winning a 10 pack of VHS tape!  I used those tapes to help finish recording the show - I had most of them recorded.

The television show remains one of my favorite boob tube memories.  The radio show, which came out some years before - does not hold such a sacred place for me.

Robert Young plays Jim Anderson, the father in both the radio and television versions.  He's not your typical radio father as he's not bumbling or stupid.  And in most cases, he really knows best.  He makes his share of mistakes of course as his psychology often backfires when handing down advice to one of his three youngsters: Betty, Bud or Kathy.  But by-in-large, he's an efficient dad with a bright head on his shoulders.

Margaret, Jim's wife, is almost emotionless, playing a very level-headed woman - again something different for most sitcoms of the period.

The radio show is set up exactly as the TV show is but unlike the TV show, I don't like radio the radio version; it's not funny at all.  It's actually annoying.  Kathy, played by Norma Jean Nilsson (who I really like on the Jack Carson Show) is a whiny, little brat who gets on my nerves.  I've said it before and it's worth repeating - if I were Jim Anderson, I would have choked her to death.

Betty has frivolous teenage girl problems (which is enough to make anyone sick, in my opinion.)  Bud is bright but at the same time has no idea what he is doing.  But at least I can empathize with him.

I have listened to most of the run of these shows and it's hard to listen to them,  I do know people who love this show - I just don't understand how or why.

Two stars (on a good day.)

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  1. I like this show better than you do. I do not get as annoyed by Kathy and frankly, enjoy Bud. I know Kathy gets tedious at times. But at the same time Bud is likeable. I found their story at Christmas time when they were going to cut down their own tree rather than buying one as a good story. All the troubles they ran into like the winter storm and having their car stuck in the snow and then having to walk back to a store as a fun event. There are other good stories as well. I would rate the show as three stars.

  2. I like Jim and Bud and even Margaret - it's those two girls who ruin it for me.


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