Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lum and Abner at the Two Chairs, No Waiting website

Opie Cates was on “Lum and Abner” as one of the characters but there are several connections between Pine Ridge, Arkansas and Mayberry, North Carolina.  On Two Chairs No Waiting episode 129 we heard audio of Lum Eddards (played by Chester Lauck) and Abner Peabody (played by Norris Goff) interacting with Opie Taylor’s namesake, Opie Cates, and I’m sure Mayberry fans thought it was interesting but in this episode we’ll go into even greater detail.  - Two Chairs, No Waiting website; there is a podcast there about Lum and Abner and Opie Cates that you L&A fans will find interesting.

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