Friday, April 8, 2011

Hodge-podging around

The kid photos were fun, hope you saw them.  I get a kick out of comparing them to what they looked like in their hey-day compared to their kid photos.  Rudy Vallee looks pretty much the same, except for the hair!

 I added a bunch of new Casts and small biographies to their proper places this morning and have a bunch more to post.  Some casts are represented by more than 1 photo and when I go and add another photo, it will not show up as "new" (if you check the OTR Photo or the OTR Photo RSS feed.)  So periodically, you should go and check your favorite casts to see if they have been updated.

I have more fun photos to show you:

William Bendix (Riley) and Scotty Beckett (Junior)

Riley and Digby O'Dell (or is it Jim Gillis? - Either way, it's the elusive John Brown!)

Some say this is the earliest photo of Charlie McCarthy in existance (that's up for debate.) You know it's very old though as look at the crudeness of the dummy on the left and Bergen has a TON of hair. I'm guessing it was taken in the mid to late 1920's, but that's only a guess:

I have several shows picked out that I must listen to - but after I do, I will do a podcast for each one. Perhaps a day between podcasts would not be too unreasonable.  At any rate, I think you can probably expect another podcast from me on Sunday.
I've never listed all my blogs at once... so I think I will do it now...

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I'm listening to 3-5 Lum and Abner shows a day and there are so few new words for the Lum and Abner Dictionary to be found lately. Hey, I'm trying, people!

I notice they'll use a word incorrectly and then the next day they will use it correctly. Or they will use a word incorrectly and then the next show they will change it something else. Go figure.

Here's a Lum and Abner photo I have never posted:

I find stuff all the time that I save but never post. I think, now who would care about his? Well here are a few of those things I never posted but saved for some reason:

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  1. Great stuff Jimbo!!!!! I am guessing that it is Digger O'dell. That kid must be listening to the Buster Brown Show. Or maybe, Let's Pretend. Or is it Terry and the Pirates? The Shadow I imagine is much like the one presented here.

  2. Yep, probably Digger - Gillis would never wear a tie.

    I'm thinking the kid is listening to Tom Mix or Superman!

    If that's The Shadow, how can we see him? hahaha I love that question.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. Boston Blackie, only the Shadow knows!April 8, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    You can see the Shadow because you are not under his spell. You know, the one he acquired from the Orient.

  4. Ah... See, I didn't know that, because only The Shadow knows...

    I do enjoy The Shadow. I wish the sound was better, though. :( Can The Shadow fix that or can he only do "supernational" things? (That's a Lum and Abner Dictionary word...)

  5. Maybe the Shadow could fix the sound. After all he could use that special frequency that he communicated with Margo Lane. Hmmmm. Only the Shadow knows....


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