Saturday, April 16, 2011

A word about the blog

I am at a point right now where finding new news to post is difficult, to say the least.  Until I get some new news to play with, expect a drop off in the Buffet.  The Buffet will still be generating an output, but as of right now, not the 10-15-20 posts a day you may be used to.  That will change in time as new magazines become available.

I will no longer be doing the podcast.  #1, I have a terrible microphone.  #2, I have a terrible voice.  That combination right there is enough to annoy people.  And #3, it's just too difficult to do.  I've come to find out, that's no my forte'.

I still plan on conducting interviews, writing reviews, continuting working on the other blogs attached to the Buffet and being here to answer your comments.  Please check here daily and eventually there will be a glut of info again.

©Jimbo 2010/2011

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