Monday, April 11, 2011

Using Google News to research OTR

You may notice that not only do I have access to OTRR's piles of magazines (thanks Jim Beshires!), I also have access to many databases of newspapers across the country (actually, the world) and you do too!

Using Google News' Newspaper Archives:

You have free access to literally hundreds of papers and many that ran during the "Golden Age of Radio", that is, 1930-1962.  First, here are a list of those "Golden Age" papers and then I will show you how to use this wonderful website.

Arlington Times (few papers, very poor)
Baltimore African-American (not bad, a few finds - especially about African-American actors and actresses, poor)
Bear River Valley Leader (many years missing, very few finds, very poor)
Beaver County Times (starts 1954, sometimes you can find stuff here,ok)
Beaver Valley Times (starts 1946, usually can find ads, skeds, articles, GOOD)
Berkley Daily Gazette (ends 1946 but has articles,sked, ads, GOOD)
Deseret (the whole Golden Age, has it all, ONE OF THE BEST)
Milwaukee (the whole Golden Age, has it all, has a Radio/Movie section on Sundays during the late 30's and all of the 1940's. THE BEST)
Pittsburgh (the whole Golden Age, has it all, ONE OF THE BEST)
Spokane (the whole Golden Age, has it all, ONE OF THE BEST)
Miami News (Covers the Gold Age time span, has occasional ads and article but always has a sked, at least in the 1940's)

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