Sunday, October 23, 2011

Suspense theme comparisons

Fellow Tweeter Peter Church, who did an interview on this blog not too long ago) presented some terrific ideas about how the Supense radio theme sounded like 1970's pop band Chicago's "Color My World" and also, the "Vertigo Theme" (theme song to the motion picture, "Vertigo.")

The Suspense theme was probably written in 1942 by Bernard Herrmann.  The Vertigo Theme was also written by Hermann.  They are the most similar as both use the same 6 note arpeggio and both are in a minor key.  "Color My World" uses the 6 same notes at the beginning but is in a major key, giving it a bit of a different feel.

Here they are. Judge for yourself.

Suspense Theme:

Vertigo Theme:

Vertigo Theme REVERSED (edit:)

Color My World:


  1. All too similar to me. I always wondered about Color My World as I thought it was from Suspense. Interesting.

  2. It's funny, I had never thought about it until Peter Church mentioned it yesterday.

    And although many consider Vertigo (the film) to be one Hitchock's best, I never really liked the movie, having seen it twice now. The music really never stood out enough for me to even associate it with Suspense, although you know I am a big Herrmann fan.

    These ideas were all Peter's, I thought he showed a good ear for hearing the similarities.

    And, you too, BB.


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