Sunday, October 2, 2011

Notes that I had leftover in a box; a hodge podge

I have a bunch of little notes that never have been posted for one reason or another.

If I don't post them now, I will throw them away.

Take them for what you will - after all, I was going to throw them away...

In Bold Venture (Tears of Siva) you can hear Peggy Webber (a character actress who was noted for her Dragnet performances on radio and TV as good and bad women; also played Friday's mother on radio.)

In the Bold Venture episode, she plays a creepy character (witch, I think) that sounds like demon-possessed Ma Friday:

Every now and then, you come across a contest where they ask you to finish the jingle. There was one on Our Miss Brooks for Palmolive Soap:

A fresher, brighter looking skin,
Is something I would like to win! 
I'll get Palmolive Soap today... 

So, I came up with some "winning lines":

And apply it directly to my shins. 
It's just like throwing money away!
And bathe until I shrivel away! 
If I lose I will not try again!
or... well you get the idea.

I have studied Suspense's William Spier deeply in the past few months and I have some things to share. William Spier was the first main director of Suspense. He was the director from 1942-47.

One of the smartest things he did was hire Bernard Herrmann to write the theme. I do believe Alfred Hitchcock may have well had a hand in that also since Herrmann and Hitchcock worked together on a few films (most notably in the 1950's) and Hitchcock actually directed the very first episode of Suspense, "The Lodger" (which was also one of his silent movies in the late 1920's.) Herrmann also wrote the incidental music for that episode and quite a a few others after that, but by the time 1943 came along, Herrmann was no longer working for Suspense.  His powerful theme music remains.

Spier also seemed to have strong ties with the Mercury Theatre/CBS Radio Workshop (same show, by the way) as almost all of the members showed up on Suspense frequently, including Orson Welles.

IN OTR, is it more likely the show you are listening to at any moment is taking place in a real town or a fictional town?

Well according to my own survey, it looks to be about 80% real place - 20% fake place. For instance, the Aldrich Family, Great Gildersleeves, Fibber McGee and Molly, Adventures of Superman, A Day in the Life of Dennis Day, Harold Peary Show and Lum and Abner all take place in fictional places. While I am sure there are more, most of the others seems to take place in a world city/state/country/continent (I say continent because who knows exactly Tarzan was?)

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