Saturday, February 9, 2013

Good news for fans of The Adventures of Superman!

The following episodes have been found and are available at OTRR.  To my knowledge these are NOT available at

TAoS 40-03-25 (0019) The Yellow Mask Escapes aka The Secret Empire.mp3
TAoS 41-12-03 (0284) The Pan-Am Highway (9 of 15).mp3
TAoS 42-09-23 (0343) The Tiny Men (7 of 10).mp3
TAoS 42-10-21 (0363) The Black Narcisus (8 of 10).mp3
TAoS 43-01-06 (0417) The Tin Man (3 of 15).mp3
TAoS 43-01-07 (0418) The Tin Man (4 of 15).mp3
TAoS 43-01-08 (0419) The Tin Man (5 of 15).mp3
TAoS 43-01-22 (0429) The Tin Man (15 of 15).mp3
TAoS 45-02-14 (0957) The Space Shell (3 of 12).mp3
TAoS 45-12-05 (1176) Looking for Kryptonite (2 of 25).mp3
TAoS 46-02-27 (1235) The Radar Rocket (9 of 20).mp3
You can find them here. 


  1. AWESOME! How did these turn up?
    4 of them were not in my collection and one has a totally different name so I have to give it a listen. Off to download...

  2. OTRR is constantly buying discs. They find some obscure stuff at times.


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