Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Films based on radio series

My pal, the Reverend Robert Neily, sent me a note about radio series that eventually turned into films.

He sent a link to the Wikipedia article, which I had never seen until now.  The article provides some info I wasn't aware of (I never knew the Nelson family did a film based on the TV/radio series) but it also is bereft of many other films (many Lum and Abner films are missing, for an example.)  Still, an eye-opening article.  (It also fails to mention the upcoming 'The Lone Ranger' film.)

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  1. It is very incomplete. Off the top of my head, the rest of The Whistler films are missing (it only lists the first) as well as the rest of the Gildersleeve and I Love A Mystery series.


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