Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vic and Sade blog "finished"

Well it's taken me a year and half -and just a bit more, but I'm technically finished with the Vic and Sade blog.

It was very, very rewarding as I learned a lot and met a lot of very interesting people.

I even put together a book.

Now realize, I'm not asking you to go and visit the blog and take a look around but if you haven't seen the blog since it's been finished, you might realize just how large it is (I dare say it rivals any OTR website in size and might be larger... who knows.)

Anyway, some recent additions can be found here.  The blog can be found here.

And if you don't listen to Vic and Sade, I suggest you download a few of my hand-fixed (commercial-free, organ-free) episodes and sit back and listen to what genius Paul Rhymer created.


  1. A nice touch in the embeded "message for you."

  2. Thanks BB... you're the only one who's mentioned that - it's been there for ages :)

  3. Still listening to your book, but I love the "Victim and Sadist" explanation of their relationship. :)


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