Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New to you - crime shows you may want to try out

It's been a while since I have sat down with "new" programs to listen to.  No, they aren't new, just new to me.  There are so many programs available out there that there are so many little hidden gems that it makes it fun to try and sample a bit of everything.

I found the following programs in the OTRR library and I did this by first looking at an early 1950's radio/tv magazine and then notice a bunch of programs that I had either forgotten about or never heard of before.
  • Top Secret  - I haven't heard much of this but it sounds like it is set during WWII.  A female spy does dirty work for... I don't know who.  The sound isn't great on any of this I've heard.  But, it's intriguing.
  • Pursuit - An American show about Scotland Yard.   Again, I haven't heard much of these but I look forward to listening to more.
  • The Silent Men - Soldiers from every facet of the service are involved in all kinds of secret stuff during WWII.  This isn't bad but it isn't great either (I've listened to about ten of them.) 
  • Did Justice Triumph? - A This is Your FBI-type show except about the police.  Not quite as thick and realistic as Dragnet more like the aforementioned FBI show.  Not bad.
  • Treasury Agent - I haven't heard this yet.
  • Under Arrest - I haven't heard this yet.
  • T-Man - There are only a couple of episodes available and I listened to them a long while back.  I thought they were good - but there are only a couple known episodes.

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