Sunday, January 6, 2013

Did you know this existed? Here's Comes Mr. Kitzel!

Artie Auerbach as Mr. Kitzel
You die-hard Jack Benny fans might be aware of the existence of the audition called, "Here Comes Mr. Kitzel."

Others of you may not know of the show but if you enjoy Jack Benny's radio program, chances are you will enjoy this interesting audition.

The sound on this is amazingly good!

50-12-27 Here Comes Mr. Kitzel


  1. This show is new to me. What I thought was interesting is that long before I heard him on Benny, I heard Mr. Kitzel on Abbot and Costello and always thought of him as one of their cast members.

  2. Me too. I listened to the whole run of Abbott and Costello. ;)


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