Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Six Shooter; a re-listen

Over the past month, I took  the time to re-listen to the entire run of The Six Shooter.

The first time through, I really enjoyed it.  For a while I had the program as #1 on my list of favorite shows. 

A re-listen to the series was enjoyable but it doesn't seem to hold such a prestiged place in my heart as it did during the first listen.  While James Stewart is perfect as the part of Brit Ponsett and the character actors who make up the rest of the different cast each week is also fine, I find the writing isn't as strong as I thought it was the first listen.

There's nothing wrong with the writing but it just doesn't hold up the second time through, at least through some of the episodes.  Yes, I was listening for flaws as I knew what was going to happen the second time through the story. 

Certainly, some episodes are strong - especially the very last episode - which I won't tell you about because if you haven't heard the series, you will want that pleasant surprise at the very end.

And there other strong episodes as well.  But not all are as strong as I remember.

Still, a show worthy of your attention.

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  1. I have not listened to them all yet. I do like the show, but, prefer Gunsmoke. Can't wait to hear the last show you mentioned.


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