Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. - finished

I finally finished the series, I Was a Communist for the F.B.I.

For a while I had this very near the top of the pack of shows I  liked.  I still enjoy it.  But I found the formula for the show is nearly the same every week and that gets tiresome.

Listening to the show, I would think about the life of the real Matt Cvetic and realize there's no way he could have a life that was near as stressful as the show potrayed.

Yes, I realize it's just a radio show.  But the show is there not just to entertain, but to make you "believe."  And since Cvetic was a real guy and the stories are "based" on his exploits, you wonder just how far things went.

In the radio show, his life is in danger every week.  He's in danger of being found out.

And it occurs to me that Cvetic was a bit like Superman; Clark Kent had to lie to keep his identity secret, yet professed to all the boys and girls he was for "Truth and Justice."  Cevtic does the exact same thing, having to lie in every show yet at the end, hangs his cape on flag-waving America.  Two giant heroes for boys, girls and men and women alike - yet both are liars.

Not that I am trying to down either show.  I have testimony enough in this blog that I enjoy both the Adventures of Superman and I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. as much - or more - than anyone.  I just find it worth pointing out, is all.

At any rate, the series is good but it's not near as great as I thought it once was.  After a while the shows become predictable - very predictable - and therefore, not much fun.

The acting is pretty stiff as well.  Despite Dana Andrews being Dana Andrews, I've always thought he was pretty stiff in the movies.  On radio, he seems even stiffer.

As I said, I still like the program and plan on listening to it again in the future.  But halfway through it, I wonder if I will want to turn it off, as I did the first time...


  1. I've listened to the entire series as well. It's a shame they never had a "final" episode where Cvetic finishes up his work with the FBI and is finally able to let his family in on the truth. The real Cvetic led a pretty troubled life, but at least on the series he could've had a happy ending.

    1. His life certainly was dismal. My wife thought that his life was that way because he had to always look behind his back for trouble. One wrong step and bingo, his cover is blown.


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