Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hodge-podging about trying to get back into the the swing of things!

Okay, I was lazy for at least a couple of months.  I did very little to any of my blogs.  I just burned myself out.  :)  But I'm pumped up again and ready to go back to working on these things.

I'm not sure if the Lum and Abner Dictionary will be worked on right now as I have stopped listening to the program at the moment.  The show is getting strange and different (I'm in 1945) and I am not happy with the way things are going.  I may just go back to the early days of the show and finish the needed episodes for the dictionary - but not at this time.  Perhaps this winter.

While I don't have any magazine stuff to post at the moment, I still think I can scare up a few articles a day posting about some cool stuff I've found and hopefully some more interviews.

The other blogs that I run need working on too and I may spend a majority of my time in those areas.   I'm actually not that far from catching up on the OTR advertising, which is surprising...and I'm getting some help with some crucial info needed from the fine folks at the OTRR Yahoo group (see the very bottom of this blog for more information on how to sign up.)

I do plan on doing something (blog extention) in the Vic and Sade area, along the lines of the Lum and Abner Dictionary.  I'm also working on removing the Crisco commercials for Vic and Sade and hope to make the entire set available to everyone soon.

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