Thursday, June 20, 2013

Uh oh... TV turns my heart/I still hate that cat!

There was a time, not too long ago, that I literally hated television and everything about television.

Maybe because of my political views (I'm a news hound), maybe because America didn't seem like the America I had wanted it to be.

Really, why I hated TV is neither here nor there; the fact is, I hated it.

I still don't have a TV.  I still don't want a TV.

But what I do have is YouTube.  And I just discovered the other day Our Miss Brooks on old TV;  and in the past I've made it well known, yes, more than once  that I didn't like Our Miss Brooks on the radio.

I never thought it was important (until now) but I failed to tell you people that I had never seen an episode on the boob tube.  That is until about a week ago.  Now I find myself immersed in the show; perhaps more as a curiosity... Stretch Snodgrass looks like that, huh?  Gale Gordon, I knew already, is much better on TV than on the radio.  Connie and Mr. Boyton are a cute couple now that I can see them.

But the most important improvement is Mrs. Davis.  I had imagined her much different and I didn't like the image my mind had molded.  Mrs. Davis was the main stranglehold on why I really didn't like the show.  Mrs. Davis, with her feeble mind and the tone of her voice was like a nail against a chalkboard to me.

But the "real Mrs. Davis" is so much better in this case, than the radio version.  More importantly, there's no pesky Minerva, the cat.  I really do hate that cat on radio!

The ultimate test was then to listen to a radio episode of Our Miss Brooks again Ah, here's one I don't seem to remember.  Ah, Mrs. Davis doesn't seem so bad now.  Ah, I feel refreshed and overjoyed.  Ah, I think I'll have a Fresca.

But I still hate that cat!

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