Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review: Squad Cars

I have found a gem.  I love finding them and sharing them with you.  This one is one you may have never heard of: Squad Cars.

Information about the show is scarce but it sounds to me as this is a late 1960's show that meandered into the mid-1970's.  It was produced from South Africa so you get those English accents.  While I don't find those annoying, I know some who do.

The show is comparable to Dragnet but without all the police techniques.  And the show is told from about half of the criminal's perspective and about half of the cop's perspective.  If you were to combine Dragnet with This is Your FBI, then the show would sound something like Squad Cars - with the English accents.

A fast moving show, sometimes as fast as anything out there.  Great fun, especially if you like cops-robbers.  The sound quality is very good, so no need to worry about that.

It's definitely worth a listen.  You might find, like me, this show will be one of your favorites.

Find it:
At the Internet Archive
At OTRR (many more than are at the above link)

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  1. Reading this review reminded me to check your other reviews. Read the Man from Homicide and downloaded the three available shows.

  2. The Audition episode is the one to get. The other are not very good.


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