Sunday, September 16, 2012

Top three (Part one)

These are current favorites:

Favorite police show:

3. This is Your FBI - It's pretty hokey but I expect it to be hokey.  I'm not turned off by it.  I'm not turned on by it either, although it sometimes makes me laugh.  It's not a well-done show but it's got that certain flavor I expect.  It's bad and it's supposed to be bad, get me?

2. Dragnet - Dragnet is mostly an awesome show.  Again, the acting can be pretty bad but it's supposed to be like that.  Sgt.  Friday is as dry as a cold north wind as are each of his superiors. And I wouldn't have it any other way.  Extra points for some great sound effects.

1. 21st Precinct - Great acting and stories.  I simply love this show and wish there were 500 of them.  I hate to say it but this show is twice as good as Dragnet.

Favorite detective shows -

3. Black Museum - Not really a detective show but worth mentioning more than most of the sap out there that calls itself a detective show.

2. Sherlock Holmes (with Basil Rathbone) - Everything about the show is first class and clever.  I think I learn something after each show.

1. Richard Diamond, Private Detective - This show is one that I appreciate more every day.  I realize just how smooth Dick Powell was.  And the guy was funny as well.

more later...


  1. I just started listening to 21st Precinct. As I hear more I will let you know what I think about it. Although I can see where you might like Black Museum, but, I would put those socalled 'sap detectives' ahead of it.

  2. Hi BB,

    Which detective shows would you put up there?

    1. I would place all of the following ahead of the Black Museum: The Fatman, Falcon, Pat Novack, Philo Vance and the Saint.

      As you can see, I prefer the 'Sap' detectives.

  3. I'd put Pat Novak up there if there were more with Jack Webb. As I recall, there are only 10-12 with Webb. I don't really care for the other guy.

    I do like the Saint but tell you the truth, I'm saving the Saint (and a few others) for a second go-round of OTR later in life. So I haven't really heard The Saint. I do like what I have heard, for sure.

    I think Philo Vance fits into the sap category :)

    I haven't heard The Fatman in years..

    1. I concur about Pat Novak and Jack Webb. It is a hugh drop off when Jack is not Pat.


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