Monday, October 29, 2012

Gale Gordon as rich Texas oilman on Burns and Allen

Well howdy ya'll. You know, I'm 100% Texan.

And I've recently run into Gale Gordon (surprisingly) playing the part of a millionaire Texan/oil man/cattle man on Burns and Allen in the late 1940's - right yonder before they went on the television.

I like his character a lot!

EXCEPT, I cannot stand his tagline: "Ma'am I like your sense of humor!" When he utters this ridiculous phrase in his ridiculous manner, you'd think he was trying to do a bad Marlin Hurt impression.

A real Texan MIGHT say it like that ONE time. The rest of the time, a real Texas is too busy lookin' for Tacos and doin' Texas stuff than act like a goober.

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